Welcome to Saddle

Saddle is a high-performance data manipulation library for Scala.

Saddle provides array-backed, indexed, one- and two-dimensional data structures; vectorized numerical calculations; automatic data alignment; and robustness to missing values.

Saddle is the easiest and most expressive way to program with structured data on the JVM.


Saddle is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0

Download Now

The current major release of Saddle is 1.3, and jars are available to download from the Sonatype OSS repository. Please refer to the installation and build instructions.


The name Saddle is derived from the letters of Scala Data Library. Adam Klein began Saddle development in 2012 while an employee of Novus Partners, Inc. Saddle was open-sourced by Novus under the Apache 2.0 License in 2013. Saddle evolved from earlier prototypes developed by Chris Lewis, Cheng Peng, and David Cru, and draws on Adam's prior experience developing the pandas Python library.

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Contact & Support

Please submit bug reports on GitHub; post questions, comments, and suggestions on the mailing list.


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