package index

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Type Members

  1. class IndexAny[T] extends Index[T]

    An implementation of Index generic in type T for which there is an Ordering[T] and a ST[T] available in the implicit context.

  2. class IndexBool extends Index[Boolean]

    Index with integer keys

  3. class IndexDouble extends Index[Double]

    Index with double keys

  4. class IndexInt extends Index[Int]

    Index with integer keys

  5. class IndexIntRange extends Index[Int]

    An implementation of an Index[Int] which implicitly represents a bound of integers, which lazily generates its elements as an array when needed.

  6. class IndexLong extends Index[Long]

    Index with long keys

  7. trait IndexMaker[I, O] extends AnyRef

    An IndexMaker takes some input of type I and returns an Index whose elements are of type O.

  8. trait IndexMakerLowPriority extends AnyRef

  9. class IndexTime extends Index[DateTime]

    A compact native int representation of posix times at millisecond resolution which conforms to and extends the interface of Index[DateTime]

  10. sealed trait JoinType extends AnyRef

    There are four basic joins which may be performed between two indexed Saddle objects such as Series or Frame.

  11. class JoinerImpl[T] extends Joiner[T]

    Concrete implementation of Joiner instance which is specialized on basic types.

  12. trait Melter[A, B, C] extends AnyRef

    A Melter operates on a TupleN and a TupleM and produces a TupleN+M which is composed of the corresponding tuple elements.

  13. trait MelterLowPriority extends MelterLowerPriority

    Next lowest priority melter implicit instances; takes one arbitrary types and a TupleN and produces a TupleN+1

  14. trait MelterLowerPriority extends AnyRef

    Lowest priority melter implicit instance takes two arbitrary types and produces a Tuple2

  15. trait ReIndexer[T] extends AnyRef

    We often need to "reindex" one array/vec/series/frame so as to produce a new one.

  16. trait Slice[+T] extends AnyRef

    Slice provides a methodology so that when it is applied to an index, it produces an upper and lower integer offset at which to slice.

  17. class SliceAll extends Slice[Nothing]

    Represent a slice over the entire index

  18. class SliceDefault[T] extends Slice[T]

    Represent a slice from one key to another, inclusive.

  19. class SliceFrom[T] extends Slice[T]

    Represent a slice from key to end of index

  20. class SliceTo[T] extends Slice[T]

    Represent a slice from zero to a key.

  21. trait Splitter[I, OL, OR] extends AnyRef

    A Splitter operates on an input index whose elements have arity N, and yields the following pair of output indexes: the left has elements whose arity is N-1, where each element has the first N-1 constituents of the original tuple; and the right is an index whose elements were those in the Nth position of the original tuple.

  22. trait Stacker[I, J, O] extends AnyRef

    A Stacker operates on two input Index instances and produces a new output Index whose entries are drawn from the Cartesian product of the elements of the original indexes, and whose ordering is likewise specified by the original orderings.

  23. trait StackerLowPriority extends AnyRef

    Implicit instance of Stacker for two indexes of arbitrary type.

Value Members

  1. object IndexIntRange extends Serializable

  2. object IndexMaker extends IndexMakerLowPriority

    Companion object which houses implicit instances of IndexMaker

  3. object IndexTime extends Serializable

  4. object InnerJoin extends JoinType

  5. object LeftJoin extends JoinType

  6. object Melter extends MelterLowPriority

    Normal priority melter implicit instances takes one a TupleN and a TupleM and produce a TupleN+M

  7. object OuterJoin extends JoinType

  8. object ReIndexer extends AnyRef

  9. object RightJoin extends JoinType

  10. object Slice extends AnyRef

  11. object SliceAll extends AnyRef

  12. object SliceFrom extends AnyRef

  13. object SliceTo extends AnyRef

  14. object Splitter extends AnyRef

    Companion object houses implicit instances of Splitter

  15. object Stacker extends StackerLowPriority

    Companion object which houses implicit Stacker instances.