package scalar

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Type Members

  1. trait CouldBeNumber[T] extends AnyRef

  2. trait CouldBeOrdered[T] extends AnyRef

  3. sealed abstract class Scalar[+T] extends AnyRef

    Scalar wrapper for a single element of a vector-like container.

  4. trait ScalarHelperOps[T] extends AnyRef

  5. trait ScalarTag[T] extends ClassManifest[T] with SpecializedFactory[T] with CouldBeOrdered[T] with CouldBeNumber[T] with ScalarHelperOps[T] with Serializable

    Typeclass definition for scalar tags.

  6. class ScalarTagAny[T] extends ScalarTag[T]

  7. trait ScalarTagImplicits extends ScalarTagImplicitsL1

  8. trait ScalarTagImplicitsL1 extends ScalarTagImplicitsL2

  9. trait ScalarTagImplicitsL2 extends ScalarTagImplicitsL3

  10. trait ScalarTagImplicitsL3 extends AnyRef

  11. class ScalarTagProduct[T <: Product] extends ScalarTagAny[T]

  12. trait SpecializedFactory[T] extends AnyRef

  13. case class Value[+T](el: T, evidence$6: ST[T]) extends Scalar[T] with Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object NA extends Scalar[Nothing] with Product with Serializable

  2. object Scalar extends AnyRef

  3. object ScalarTag extends ScalarTagImplicits with Serializable

  4. object ScalarTagBool extends ScalarTag[Boolean]

    Boolean ScalarTag

  5. object ScalarTagByte extends ScalarTagAny[Byte]

    Byte ScalarTag

  6. object ScalarTagChar extends ScalarTagAny[Char]

    Char ScalarTag

  7. object ScalarTagDouble extends ScalarTag[Double]

    Double ScalarTag

  8. object ScalarTagFloat extends ScalarTagAny[Float]

    Float ScalarTag

  9. object ScalarTagInt extends ScalarTag[Int]

    Int ScalarTag

  10. object ScalarTagLong extends ScalarTag[Long]

    Long ScalarTag

  11. object ScalarTagShort extends ScalarTagAny[Short]

    Short ScalarTag

  12. object ScalarTagTime extends ScalarTagAny[DateTime]

    DateTime ScalarTag