object Concat extends LowPriorityConcatImplicits

Provides a way to append two arrays of possibly different types together by intelligently promoting primitive types where possible.

Key method is Concat.append(array1, array2)

Linear Supertypes
LowPriorityConcatImplicits, AnyRef, Any
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  1. Concat
  2. LowPriorityConcatImplicits
  3. AnyRef
  4. Any
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Type Members

  1. case class Promoter[-A, -B, +C](promoteA: (A) ⇒ C, promoteB: (B) ⇒ C) extends Product with Serializable

    Existence of an instance of this class yields a way to promote instances of the first two types to an instance of the third type.

Value Members

  1. final def !=(arg0: AnyRef): Boolean

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  2. final def !=(arg0: Any): Boolean

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  3. final def ##(): Int

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    AnyRef → Any
  4. final def ==(arg0: AnyRef): Boolean

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  5. final def ==(arg0: Any): Boolean

    Definition Classes
  6. def append[A, B, C](a1: Array[A], a2: Array[B])(implicit wd: Promoter[A, B, C], mc: ST[C]): Array[C]

    Append two arrays of possibly different types together by intelligently promoting primitive types where possible.

    Append two arrays of possibly different types together by intelligently promoting primitive types where possible.


    First array type


    Second array type


    Result array type


    First array


    Second array


    Evidence of instance of Promoter for involved types


    Evidence of ST for result type

  7. final def asInstanceOf[T0]: T0

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  8. def clone(): AnyRef

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  9. final def eq(arg0: AnyRef): Boolean

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  10. def equals(arg0: Any): Boolean

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    AnyRef → Any
  11. def finalize(): Unit

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  12. final def getClass(): java.lang.Class[_]

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    AnyRef → Any
  13. def hashCode(): Int

    Definition Classes
    AnyRef → Any
  14. implicit def id[T](a: T): T

  15. final def isInstanceOf[T0]: Boolean

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  16. final def ne(arg0: AnyRef): Boolean

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  17. final def notify(): Unit

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  18. final def notifyAll(): Unit

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  19. implicit val promoteBA: (Boolean) ⇒ AnyRef

  20. implicit val promoteBC: (Boolean) ⇒ Char

  21. implicit val promoteBD: (Boolean) ⇒ Double

  22. implicit val promoteBF: (Boolean) ⇒ Float

  23. implicit val promoteBI: (Boolean) ⇒ Int

  24. implicit val promoteBL: (Boolean) ⇒ Long

  25. implicit val promoteBS: (Boolean) ⇒ Short

  26. implicit val promoteBY: (Boolean) ⇒ Byte

  27. implicit val promoteCD: (Char) ⇒ Double

  28. implicit val promoteCF: (Char) ⇒ Float

  29. implicit val promoteCI: (Char) ⇒ Int

  30. implicit val promoteCL: (Char) ⇒ Long

  31. implicit val promoteCR: (Char) ⇒ AnyRef

  32. implicit val promoteCS: (Char) ⇒ Short

  33. implicit val promoteDR: (Double) ⇒ AnyRef

  34. implicit val promoteFD: (Float) ⇒ Double

  35. implicit val promoteFR: (Float) ⇒ AnyRef

  36. implicit val promoteID: (Int) ⇒ Double

  37. implicit val promoteIF: (Int) ⇒ Float

  38. implicit val promoteIL: (Int) ⇒ Long

  39. implicit val promoteIR: (Int) ⇒ AnyRef

  40. implicit val promoteLD: (Long) ⇒ Double

  41. implicit val promoteLR: (Long) ⇒ AnyRef

  42. implicit val promoteSD: (Short) ⇒ Double

  43. implicit val promoteSF: (Short) ⇒ Float

  44. implicit val promoteSI: (Short) ⇒ Int

  45. implicit val promoteSL: (Short) ⇒ Long

  46. implicit val promoteSR: (Short) ⇒ AnyRef

  47. implicit val promoteYC: (Byte) ⇒ Char

  48. implicit val promoteYD: (Byte) ⇒ Double

  49. implicit val promoteYF: (Byte) ⇒ Float

  50. implicit val promoteYI: (Byte) ⇒ Int

  51. implicit val promoteYL: (Byte) ⇒ Long

  52. implicit val promoteYR: (Byte) ⇒ AnyRef

  53. implicit val promoteYS: (Byte) ⇒ Short

  54. val sc: org.saddle.scalar.ScalarTagChar.type

  55. val sd: org.saddle.scalar.ScalarTagDouble.type

  56. val sf: org.saddle.scalar.ScalarTagFloat.type

  57. val si: org.saddle.scalar.ScalarTagInt.type

  58. val sl: org.saddle.scalar.ScalarTagLong.type

  59. val sr: ScalarTagAny[AnyRef]

  60. val ss: org.saddle.scalar.ScalarTagShort.type

  61. val sy: org.saddle.scalar.ScalarTagByte.type

  62. final def synchronized[T0](arg0: ⇒ T0): T0

    Definition Classes
  63. def toString(): String

    Definition Classes
    AnyRef → Any
  64. implicit def waa[T]: Promoter[T, T, T]

    Definition Classes
  65. final def wait(): Unit

    Definition Classes
  66. final def wait(arg0: Long, arg1: Int): Unit

    Definition Classes
  67. final def wait(arg0: Long): Unit

    Definition Classes
  68. implicit object wbb extends Promoter[Boolean, Boolean, Boolean]

  69. implicit object wbc extends Promoter[Char, Boolean, Char]

  70. implicit object wbd extends Promoter[Double, Boolean, Double]

  71. implicit object wbf extends Promoter[Float, Boolean, Float]

  72. implicit object wbi extends Promoter[Int, Boolean, Int]

  73. implicit object wbl extends Promoter[Long, Boolean, Long]

  74. implicit object wbr extends Promoter[AnyRef, Boolean, AnyRef]

  75. implicit object wbs extends Promoter[Short, Boolean, Short]

  76. implicit object wby extends Promoter[Byte, Boolean, Byte]

  77. implicit object wcb extends Promoter[Boolean, Char, Char]

  78. implicit object wcc extends Promoter[Char, Char, Char]

  79. implicit object wcd extends Promoter[Double, Char, Double]

  80. implicit object wcf extends Promoter[Float, Char, Float]

  81. implicit object wci extends Promoter[Int, Char, Int]

  82. implicit object wcl extends Promoter[Long, Char, Long]

  83. implicit object wcr extends Promoter[AnyRef, Char, AnyRef]

  84. implicit object wcs extends Promoter[Short, Char, Short]

  85. implicit object wcy extends Promoter[Byte, Char, Char]

  86. implicit object wdb extends Promoter[Boolean, Double, Double]

  87. implicit object wdc extends Promoter[Char, Double, Double]

  88. implicit object wdd extends Promoter[Double, Double, Double]

  89. implicit object wdf extends Promoter[Float, Double, Double]

  90. implicit object wdi extends Promoter[Int, Double, Double]

  91. implicit object wdl extends Promoter[Long, Double, Double]

  92. implicit object wdr extends Promoter[AnyRef, Double, AnyRef]

  93. implicit object wds extends Promoter[Short, Double, Double]

  94. implicit object wdy extends Promoter[Byte, Double, Double]

  95. implicit object wfb extends Promoter[Boolean, Float, Float]

  96. implicit object wfc extends Promoter[Char, Float, Float]

  97. implicit object wfd extends Promoter[Double, Float, Double]

  98. implicit object wff extends Promoter[Float, Float, Float]

  99. implicit object wfi extends Promoter[Int, Float, Float]

  100. implicit object wfr extends Promoter[AnyRef, Float, AnyRef]

  101. implicit object wfs extends Promoter[Short, Float, Float]

  102. implicit object wfy extends Promoter[Byte, Float, Float]

  103. implicit object wib extends Promoter[Boolean, Int, Int]

  104. implicit object wic extends Promoter[Char, Int, Int]

  105. implicit object wid extends Promoter[Double, Int, Double]

  106. implicit object wif extends Promoter[Float, Int, Float]

  107. implicit object wii extends Promoter[Int, Int, Int]

  108. implicit object wil extends Promoter[Long, Int, Long]

  109. implicit object wir extends Promoter[AnyRef, Int, AnyRef]

  110. implicit object wis extends Promoter[Short, Int, Int]

  111. implicit object wiy extends Promoter[Byte, Int, Int]

  112. implicit object wlb extends Promoter[Boolean, Long, Long]

  113. implicit object wlc extends Promoter[Char, Long, Long]

  114. implicit object wld extends Promoter[Double, Long, Double]

  115. implicit object wli extends Promoter[Int, Long, Long]

  116. implicit object wll extends Promoter[Long, Long, Long]

  117. implicit object wlr extends Promoter[AnyRef, Long, AnyRef]

  118. implicit object wls extends Promoter[Short, Long, Long]

  119. implicit object wly extends Promoter[Byte, Long, Long]

  120. implicit object wrb extends Promoter[Boolean, AnyRef, AnyRef]

  121. implicit object wrc extends Promoter[Char, AnyRef, AnyRef]

  122. implicit object wrd extends Promoter[Double, AnyRef, AnyRef]

  123. implicit object wrf extends Promoter[Float, AnyRef, AnyRef]

  124. implicit object wri extends Promoter[Int, AnyRef, AnyRef]

  125. implicit object wrl extends Promoter[Long, AnyRef, AnyRef]

  126. implicit def wrr[T <: AnyRef]: Promoter[T, T, T]

  127. implicit object wrs extends Promoter[Short, AnyRef, AnyRef]

  128. implicit object wry extends Promoter[Byte, AnyRef, AnyRef]

  129. implicit object wsb extends Promoter[Boolean, Short, Short]

  130. implicit object wsc extends Promoter[Char, Short, Short]

  131. implicit object wsd extends Promoter[Double, Short, Double]

  132. implicit object wsf extends Promoter[Float, Short, Float]

  133. implicit object wsi extends Promoter[Int, Short, Int]

  134. implicit object wsl extends Promoter[Long, Short, Long]

  135. implicit object wsr extends Promoter[AnyRef, Short, AnyRef]

  136. implicit object wss extends Promoter[Short, Short, Short]

  137. implicit object wsy extends Promoter[Byte, Short, Short]

  138. implicit object wyb extends Promoter[Boolean, Byte, Byte]

  139. implicit object wyc extends Promoter[Char, Byte, Char]

  140. implicit object wyd extends Promoter[Double, Byte, Double]

  141. implicit object wyf extends Promoter[Float, Byte, Float]

  142. implicit object wyi extends Promoter[Int, Byte, Int]

  143. implicit object wyl extends Promoter[Long, Byte, Long]

  144. implicit object wyr extends Promoter[AnyRef, Byte, AnyRef]

  145. implicit object wys extends Promoter[Short, Byte, Short]

  146. implicit object wyy extends Promoter[Byte, Byte, Byte]

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